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  • Save Money

    Quicker than a calculator, StickerFIGHT will help you find the best value so you can get the most for your hard earned money.

  • Join the Fight

    StickerFIGHT makes it easier to fight back against crafty retailers.

    Join the fight with StickerFIGHT

  • Empowering

    MYTH: The largest quantity is always the best buy.

    FACT: Retailers seem to constantly try to trick you into paying more money for less goods by offering different confusing amounts and box sizes of the items. They want your money. It's time to keep your money where it belongs, in your pocket.

  • Simple. Quick. Fun.

    Streamlined experience allows you to enter prices and quantities simply and quickly. You can even hear the savings with a whimsical cash register "Ding!" letting you know that you have discovered the better deal. Easy to read display will show you which package is a better deal and will save you money.

  • Versatile

    Packages, ounces, or cartons, it doesn't matter - StickerFIGHT will handle it all.

  • "I love that StickerFIGHT is straight to the point. It's easy to use and it provides me the feedback I need. I know which item to buy and how much I saved. No fuss, no muss!"

    - Bridgette

  • "I love StickerFIGHT. It's simple, fun, and fast. The first time you use it, you'll likely save more than it cost to purchase the app... The savings keep adding up after that."

    - Lauren

  • General Information

    Simply fill in the quantity and price for the first item in the top row. Then fill in the quantity and price for the second item. You can touch each area to start editing that item, or you can touch the Next button to quickly move from one entry to the next.

    Once you are satisfied with the information just touch the "Save Money!" button. The better deal will be displayed with a large check green check mark next to it. The difference in unit price between the two items will also be displayed.

  • Helpful Hints

    Only buy what you can use before it expires. No sense getting a "better deal" if you throw half of it away.

    Don't compare ounces to gallons, be sure to compare similar units.

    Only consider coupons after figuring out the best deal.
  • More Questions?

    Drop us a line at support@thegrinningwizards.com or tweet us @grinningwizards